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Erica Voetsch - necklace, Emma Olson model

Erica Voetsch - necklace, Emma Olson model

Located in downtown Lawrence, Kansas - Paden Photography offers full service studio and location photography for documenting art work both large and small including  installations, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, ceramics and anything you can make. 
Working as a team to produce the best possible images - I have helped numerous artists publish work, create portfolios, land residencies, sell work, and get jobs.  I take great pleasure in establishing connections with my 'clients' who I prefer to call friends.
While almost all of my studio practice is digital - I am open to special projects and have a full darkroom with the ability to do alternative processes and film processing. 
Finally - if you are a student at one of the local schools and are driven to produce a great portfolio - I will work with you to do so.  
Aaron Paden

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